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Our Product Lines in Alphabetical Order

Northeast Marketing does NOT sell directly to the public.
Only serious dealer and contractor inquiries, please.

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Ovation 260WWIP
Chauvet lines comprise the largest growth segment for our territory year after year, and Chauvet is now widely considered as a lighting and stage effects leader within each Chauvet brand.

Innovative fixtures like the Ovation E-260WW IP, the IP65-rated ellipsoidal pictured above—the only leko with fully adjustable shutters — without disassembly —
in the rain — are putting Chauvet Professional on everyone’s buy list. And brilliant, labor-saving video walls like the F4 and PVPX6IP make Chauvet Video sought after for production and integration alike.

And while our
Chauvet Professional customers include lighting contractors, architectural lighting firms, production companies, and lighting rental companies, we also service retailers, because Chauvet DJ makes sought after products for the DJ and prosumer segments.

And speaking of retail: whether your key focus is MI, DJ/Live sound, or all-round: if you are not selling LED lighting you are leaving money on the table! LEDs are moving from "early adapter" to "early majority" stage across multiple industries, and this means that LED sales will continue to multiply year-over-year.

Don't worry if, currently, you don't know much about lighting. There was a time when you didn't know much about guitars or live sound. Chauvet makes it easy to learn with a great Website, award-winning products, fantastic technical support, and retail-friendly fixtures like the
4-bar Tri USB. Bring in Chauvet and increase your bottom line. Check out Chauvet DJ here.

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Trusst is a the Chauvet brand of trussing. It's sturdy, efficient (has great weight to load bearing ratio), and is perfect for mobile DJs, bands, outdoor performances, nightclubs or production. Trusst is ordered and shipped separately from other Chauvet products, but if you are a Chauvet customer, there is no additional paperwork required to place your first order of cost-effective trussing. Trusst is available in portable kits (triangular) and custom lengths (square).

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Iluminarc is Chauvet's brand of premier indoor and outdoor architectural lighting. Iluminarc lights grace the likes of Chicago's Hadid Pavillion; the Eiffel Tower; the cruise ship, Carnival Dream; and Hershey Medical Center.

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Clicking the images above will bring you directly to the respective section of the Chauvet Website, so that you may view additional information about each Iluminarc sub-line.

Access Online ILUMINARC Catalogs and Case Studies

By clicking the images at right, you can view the 2012 catalog, or read the case study based on a Casino installation in South Florida.

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Not just another powered speaker line, LD Systems is a brand from European manufacturing powerhouse, Adam Hall.
The brand has impressed listeners around the world for the past 20 years, is now finally available in the US through Musical Distributors Group, and is rep'd by yours truly in the New England territory. We're offering the line to a limited number of dealers and the list does not include the national chains. From battery-powered all-in-one systems to the line arrays pictured at left, LD Systems has unique professional audio and retail solutions to offer our customers.

LD Systems offers some unique designs in powered PA form factors, including the CURV 500 micro array systems (example pictured right) and MAUI systems (examples pictured below).

Northeast Marketing rep's LD Systems in the New England States and Upstate NY.

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Still Doing that Speaker-On-a-Stick Thing for Your More Elegant Venues?

Try One of
These Instead…

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The MAUI 5
(Also Available in Black)
Click the Image to Learn More.
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The MAUI 28 G2
(Also Available in Black)
Click the Image to Learn More.
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The MAUI 11 G2
(Also Available in Black)
Click the Image to Learn More.

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Ultrasone Headphones:

Real engineers and serious music fans don't listen to music on vanity headphones, and most customers of music retailers have never heard a really great set of "cans." We know this by the look on the average walk-in's face when he or she first listens to a pair of Ultrasones. These headphones just ain't normal—they're far, far, better than that.

Most Ultrasones have two unique features.
First, they use a technology that shields your brain from radiation: the kind of radiation that you would get from listening to any other headphones—cutting it by 98%.

Second, they use special technology, and the over-ear cans use your outer ear to create a more natural listening experience—one which most say is more like hearing music from a really good set of loudspeakers. They call this system "S-Logic," and it has the additional benefit of making softer sound pressure levels sound louder—meaning that you don't have to turn them up as loud as normal headphones to make them sound loud. Thus, these are some "healthy" headphones.

M.A.P. from $89-$2,749 (that's not a typo). Never heard of Ultrasone? You'd be surprised at how many professional broadcasters, producers, and artists are wearing them. See the line here.

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